Breast Enlargement Cream

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What Is Breast Enlargement Cream?

Breast enhancement? Out of a bottle?... Yes! OBE's breast enhancement cream is scientifically proven to increase breast size naturally and organically. It was used by thousands of women who have all resulted with bigger breasts in just a few weeks and were extremely happy with their breast growth outcome!

OBE (Organic Breast Enlargements) natural breast enlargement cream was introduced initially to the UK but has expanded worldwide; formulated from 100% natural ingredients, the phytoestrogen breast enhancement cream will permanently bring fast results. 

OBE's breast enlargement cream contains natural plant extracts. These are developed specifically to stimulate and achieve breast growth, similar to that produced during puberty.  



  1. Pueraria Mirifica
  2. Shea Butter
  3. Panax Ginseng Extract
  4. Caffeine
  5. Vitamin E


  • NO Side effects
  • Increase 1 cup size in 4 weeks
  • Developed by scientists
  • You may feel slight results in 7 days
  • Permanent results in as little as 4-6 weeks
  • 100% natural & organic ingredients
  • Manufactured in FDA Certified Facility
  • The second cheapest way to breast enhancement


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          How To Use OBE Cream

          Applying the cream whilst massaging the breasts just once a day and wash off the following morning can give you amazing, perfect and permanent results. We also recommend using breast enlargement cream twice a day for even better results. Below are 5 simple steps on how to use breast enlargement cream. 

          1. Wash & Prepare
          2. Pump cream onto hand
          3. Spread into breast
          4. Rub firmly for 45 seconds
          5. Repeat this process

          We have gone into further depth on using breast enhancement cream in the articles linked below. 

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          How Does Breast Enlargement Cream Work?

          Oestrogen is responsible for the development of breast tissue, this is naturally produced in the body during puberty in the female body. Unbalanced hormones can negatively affect the growth and development of your chest. Unfortunately, as soon as you hit your 20's or earlier for some people your puberty cycle will stop, causing your body to stop producing Oestrogen, which stops giving your body ingredients for breast growth essentially. 

          Before & After Breast Enlargement Cream

          With OBE's cream, you can carry on giving your body the nutrients it needs to carry on this cycle, not puberty but breast growth. Using Pueraria Mirifica as the main ingredient allows you to achieve large growth within the breast tissue resulting in firmer, larger and shapelier breasts without having to spend loads on surgery. 

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          Can Breast Enhancement Cream Fix Problems with Breast Development?

          Using breast growth cream can't fix problems with breast development. We understand that it can be unsatisfying having an issue with your breasts and can be a little embarrassing to tell anyone about it, this is why we have written an article on problems with breast development and how to fix them

          Don't believe anyone online if they say their breast enhancement cream can resolve breast development issues, we have only just this year managed to get this technology, natural breast enlargement, to work. Maybe one day there will be and you will be the first we let know! If you sign up for our newsletter you will receive the latest updates on breast enlargement, breast enhancement and development. At the minute, breast cream can only increase boob size and not fix issues with breasts.

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          Is Breast Enlargement Cream Safe?

          Our breast enlargement cream is safe, but other breast enhancement creams may not be. You need to make sure that Oestrogen levels are NOT increased too much otherwise this will cause an increase in breast cancer cells. 

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          When Will I See Results?

          The majority of people who have purchased OBE's breast enhancement cream we got in touch with to see how the breast enhancement cream was going for them. We got back as many case studies and testimonials as possible and the majority of our customers could see a major impact after week 2. Although ALL customers said they could see results for definite after 4 weeks.

          If you were wanting a full treatment plan with our new cream, we recommend getting 2/3 bottles to ensure you are continuous throughout the 12-week treatment. Our breast enhancement cream would need to be rubbed firmly into the breast on a daily routine, usually every morning. Make sure that the previous day's treatment is washed off before adding the other dose, otherwise, you may not see the full effect.

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          Can I Speed Up The Results?

          Speeding up the results of your breast growth cream can be very simple, however, there are other individual contributing factors to consider such as metabolism and body type meaning that one person will have faster results than others. Dieting is not necessarily needed either but can help if doing the correct workouts. Push-Ups and weighted arm workouts can be very beneficial for this, head over to our blog for more information. We have a list of the best breast enlargement exercises that you can do whilst taking breast cream.

          Your breasts will grow up to 10% after 4 weeks of treatment and a huge 15% if you were to complete the treatment for 12 weeks. During this treatment, it is not just the size that changes, your breasts will also become firmer and shapelier, and the best bit is the results are permanent!

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          Below Is From 12 Weeks Of Treatment With Breast Enhancement Cream:

          Before & After Breast Enhancement Cream