Oestrogen Explained in Depth

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What is Oestrogen?

Oestrogen, also known as Estrogen, is a female hormone produced to increase the development of different body parts, this is why Oestrogen is classed as a steroid hormone. Oestrogen can be produced artificially for the use of breast enlargement cream or helping menstrual disorders & menopausal disorders as well. 

In 1972 the demand for Oestrogen was at its highest, this was due to different scientific breakthroughs beforehand with the hormone and us realising what it can do. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge in the hormone, the amount of breast cancer cases in women were increasing massively causing the demand to gradually decrease. 

Now, in 2019, we understand this hormone better than ever. We can reproduce it, maintain it as well as understand how we can use it for medicines. 

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Types of Oestrogen:

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How Does Oestrogen Work?

Oestrogen moves through the female blood system interacting with different parts of your body, you see different types of Oestrogen do slightly different things.


    Oestradiol is produced throughout the childbearing ages of women, this is from around 12 all the way up to around 51 years of age. Oestradiol is the strongest Oestrogen out of the 3, it is the main Oestrogen hormone benefiting many different parts within the women's body. 


    This hormone is not as crucial throughout your life as Oestradiol, in fact, your body lacks this hormone so much it doesn't produce it, mainly because it is simply not needed. Not until pregnancy anyway, once a woman is pregnant only then will she start to produce the Oestriol hormone within her placenta. The hormone helps us analyse when the woman is due to give birth being able to give us today our expectancy dates on birth. 


    The last one, Oestrone, the Oestrone hormone is produced by adrenal glands and fatty tissue. The female body can produce this for the majority of its life, but it is the ONLY Oestrogen hormone that can be produced after the menopause stages.

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    What Uses Oestrogen?

    Many different areas of your body use Oestrogen, it is down to really what type of Oestrogen is being produced. Obviously the main body parts that a woman can visually see a lot of Oestrogen growth is in the breast and bum area. 

    • Vagina
    • Breasts
    • Bum
    • Uterus
    • Cervix

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    What Does Oestrogen Look Like?

    The Oestrogen hormone under a very technical magnifying scope would look like this:

    Oestrogen hormone

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    Dangers of Oestrogen

    Possessing too much Oestrogen within the breast can lead to breast cancer, which can be recovered but can also cause death. Oestrogen levels need to be closely monitored whilst taking any types of artificial products as if you use too much it can be dangerous. Do read the boxes with how much of the different components within the artificial hormone products before using so you know that it is not too much and how much to put on. 

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