The type of food you eat and how regular you eat can have a visible impact in enhancing your Oestrogen levels. Yes, diet can help you get a perfect boob size and shape. Whether you’re learning about this for the first time or not, the fact remains that the properties in food can do such wonders. Going for breast implants or massaging your breasts with all sorts of breast growth creams are other options, but doing it the natural way is the best. In this article, we will take you through introduce some food types that can work with your hormones to help increase your breast size. 

Fortunately, such foods are not rare and therefore you can find them at most good supermarkets. So, take a look at this guide to learn about the best breast enlargement foods that work naturally.




Milk like other dairy products has what it takes to enhance your breast size. These products carry reproductive hormones which are similar to those in the human body. In cow’s milk, there are hormones such as estrogen, prolactin and progesterone which are critical for milk production. Soy milk which is rich in protein also helps to increase breast size. The isoflavones in soy milk do imitate estrogen, enhancing breast growth. You can as well eat soybeans directly. These natural means is much safer for your health.




If you want your boobs to be bigger than they are right now, get close to nuts, since they are rich in good fat and protein. This includes nuts such as cashews, walnuts, pecans and peanuts. Besides, nuts will help keep your brain and heart-healthy. Note that nuts come with nothing but health benefits for you.




Seafood is generally amazing for your health, but when it comes to breast growth, certain types are the best to eat. These include prawns, shellfish, oysters, and seaweed which are full of manganese that induces sex hormones in the human body. These hormones impact the breasts, helping them to increase. Let them be in your diet menu and watch how your boobs will respond with growth.




Green leafy vegetables are a superfood that takes care of multiple health problems. When it comes to the option of increasing your breast size, green vegetables with high nutritional value can do wonders. Despite not having sufficient phytoestrogen for breast growth stimulation, vegetables such as brassicas and spinach do help in toning your breast shape and enhancing the way they look.


Green Vegatables


Whether it’s sunflower, pumpkin, anise or flax seeds, you need them to help in your desire to have much bigger breasts. These are estrogen-boosting seeds that will promote better breasts growth. Besides these, sesame seeds are good to try too. Warm them the way they are and eat to promote the enlargement of your cup size. You can sprinkle them over food and delight in their flavour and the benefits they come with. 




Fenugreek seeds are much more than just for enabling weight loss and hair health. As a rich source of phytoestrogens, they also promote much better growth of the mammary gland. You just need to eat a single seed every day as one of the healthy foods for breast enlargement. Take it in capsule form or have its herbal oil massaged on your breasts region. As you apply it, watch the amazing results in the shape and size of your cupcakes. 


Fenugreek seed extract with leaves


Chicken is delicious and in addition, who doesn’t like a good burrito? It’s a delicious lunch that comes with lots of the pros with no cons that will have you feeling bloated and heavy all day. Besides, it’s easy to pack. So, add the size of your busts with some chicken and avocado burritos. The chicken might be an unexpected entry on this list but it’s effective, considering that it can boost estrogen levels on your body, hence making it one of the best foods for bigger breasts. 


Buy chicken, avocado & chorizo online


Fresh fruits have to always be an integral part of your everyday diet. These staple foods are known for their potency when it comes to promoting natural body growth. To boost your cupcake growth, embrace meals that include berries, blueberries and cherries as they are rich in properties which boosts estrogen levels in the body, promoting better bust growth. Besides, you can as well try plums and apples to accomplish the same task.




Your wish to change the size of your cupcakes too much bigger breasts can be achieved via a protein-rich diet. For example, eating meat and to be specific, lean meat is perhaps one of your best options when it comes to making sure that your breast won’t remain in cupcake size. 


Lean meat


Going for fat-rich foods in order to get a well-enhanced boob size is fine but how far should you go. Adding fats to your diet continuously because you are seeking to have bigger breasts may be unhealthy as it can certainly result in higher cholesterol level and lead to a heart attack situation. That’s something to be very careful about and void at all costs. Instead, massaging or applying healthy oils on your boobs can do the trick. You can also try adding a limited amount of healthy oil to your food. The best oils for breast enlargement are olive oil and avocado oil. 


Healthy cooking oil


Chia Pudding has a rap as a breakfast food and also does make an excellent meal for lunch. It’s a perfect meal for anyone with a sweet tooth! An additional pro? Well, the bottom line here is that you can perhaps change your breast size to a much fuller one with Chia Pudding. Throwing it together is unbelievably easy. In just 5 minutes or so, the day before, you’re all set to enjoy a healthy lunch the next day.


Chia Pudding


Sheet pan meals are not only one of the best foods for bigger breasts, but also my favourite. No wonder, my cupcakes are long gone. Having it all set is as simple as an oven pop. The meal prep bowls have all it takes to become your definite favourite. Just try it and you’ll get that feeling of eating a gourmet meal after very limited time spent in the kitchen.