The big question of all is, can I sit at home and massage my breasts to increase boob size? The answer is technically yes, but it would benefit you to use something to help with the breast enlargement process. 


The scientific explanation for this is that inside of your breasts you have a lot of fatty cells that when interacted with certain ingredients being massaged into the breast area can help increase breast size. If you are not using breast enlargement supplements with this method then it would just consist you to massage for longer and more often throughout the day. 

After Breast Massage


The big question of all, what is the best breast massaging method? Well here is your time to learn the best technique to increase breast size with breast massaging in a few easy simple steps. 


Using your middle finger and index finger rub the lower area of your breast, your ring finger could be used also, it needs to allow you to easily increase tension on the area. Now on the top of your breasts, the inside part closest to opposite breasts, use your thumb to massage your breast and increase tension in that area. Do this for around 2 minutes, a minute on either breast, this seems a short period of time but you do not need to do it for any longer. 


Apply the breast enlargement cream on and around your breasts, ensure your breasts have a nice coat on them as you don’t rub it in as you usually would other creams. When adding the cream only start with 1 breast at a time, please don’t apply the cream to both breasts at once as one breast may not be as affected as the other and could result in slightly-off results. 


Now make sure you have your thumb in the same position as last time, ensuring you have put cream on this area also. Place your other 4 fingers just to the outside area of your nipple and with some slight pressure massage for 2 minutes. Massage your other breast now exactly the same method using step 2. 


Please wait 10 minutes, some women prefer 15 minutes, before adding a bra to your breasts. Adding a bra straight away may soak with cream and it just doesn’t work well so please take this step seriously. 


You can breast massage naturally, women have confirmed to have a positive impact of breasts firming over a period of time. About 30% of women that we have contacted about breast massaging actually said they gradually grew over 1 cup size over 12 months, these women were over 25 and hadn’t increased breast size in over 4 years. 

Other women that have purchased breast enlargement supplements, especially our breast enlargement cream, we asked if they massaged their breasts as asked by most companies that sell this product. Very few women realised that it actually meant to sit and massage your breasts for like 5 minutes as if they were doing their boyfriends back. The few women that did actually massage their breasts whilst using breast enhancement supplements did actually have an overall higher cup size increase compared to the other group. 


So as mentioned previously, whilst massaging your breasts you are interacting with your fatty cells inside of your breasts, you have a lot of these. Now the breast enhancing products are classed as “phytoestrogens” which cause an increase in Oestrogen levels within the female body. Now our products also have Vitamin E and other natural ingredients that also increase fatty cells.

Breast Massage

Because of this, when you massage your breasts it interacts with all of these little things going on and increase breast size gradually. We normally say 12 weeks until you see good results, but within a week you start to feel your breasts firming and getting tighter, hence why we say results in 1 week.


So it is proven that you should use products like breast enlargement oil and cream whilst using other techniques to increase breast size. There are also different breast enlargement exercises you can perform on top of these methods that can help increase size even more.

Whilst using these different exercises for 5/10 minutes in the morning you are increasing the muscle size around the breast area. We have a small free list with different techniques, but we do recommend you still massage your breasts daily twice whilst adding our cream both times, morning and night.