How To Use Breast Enlargement Cream

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When products say they can enhance your body without working out, or give you an amazing physique, you can be very sceptical. Questions start to arise in your head like, is it safe? Does breast enlargement cream work? Is there any side effects? How long do I have to use it for? How much is it and what do I do!!!

Quick Guide

  1. Prepare Your Body
  2. Dry Your Body
  3. Spread In The Cream
  4. Wait & Be Patient
  5. Rinse & Repeat

Below we are talking about how to put the cream on efficiently and to receive perfect results! Below is a guide on putting on breast enlargement cream, if we have missed anything off or you think it could be added to please message into us so we can update it for everybody.

Step by Step Guide

1. Preparing Your Body:

Be sure to take a warm or hot shower to clean breast area first as this allows our OBE breast enlargement cream to fully sink into the skin. The hotter the water the better as this allows your pores to open up so the cream can be easily absorbed.

2. Drying The Body:

After you've taken a shower/bath ensure the breast area is dry so there's no moisture. Applying the cream straight after is best as your pores are still open.

3. Using The Cream:

Apply enough cream to the palm, and massage the breast area in a circular motion until the cream has been fully absorbed. The cream penetrates into the breast cells which will expand the mammary glands and breast tissue. Just before bed apply more cream for best results. 

4. Be Patient:

We recommend 12 hours until you apply any more cream as the cream needs time to absorb, keep in mind it takes time for results to kick in. 

5. Rinse And Repeat:

Repeat the process for 7 days to start seeing results. It takes 4 weeks to go up to one cup size, the whole course is 12 weeks. 


Now, this is just the easiest standard way of applying for cream and wanting results. But if you are wanting to get faster and better results exercising with the cream will extremely benefit yourself. Check our blog on 5 best breast enlargement exercises and start doing them in your own time, morning preferably.