Problems with Breast Development

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Breast Development Explained

To know about breast development and enlargement you need to know the basics of breast enlargement to understand it fully. The initial starting point of the growth of your breasts is before you are even born. After this, the cycle of breast growth carries on throughout your child's life, once puberty is reached your breasts and other areas grow at there maximum capabilities. The growth of your breasts then finishes once you have completed your puberty stages and become a fully developed woman. 

breast enlargement demonstration

The reason for this growth spurt is due to certain things your body is doing and producing during this part of your lifecycle. Within a woman's body during the puberty stage, an increase in a certain hormone takes place called Oestrogen. Oestrogen is the main cause of the growth of the breast and bum areas of a woman, this increases the size of fatty cells within the breasts and bum to allow you to flourish. 

Over this time of body development, many different things happen in different ways for everyone. For instance, many people have breasts where one is bigger than the other, or one may be in a slightly different position or misshaped to the other. Absolutely of any of these occurrences are natural and healthy, there is no reason to worry if you have any of these "Symptoms". On the other hand, if it is causing distress and you are wanting it seen to, surgery is usually the best way to do it efficiently. 

Now usually, this isn't the last stage a woman goes through breast growth. The next stage of a woman's life we experience breast growth is when we get pregnant, during pregnancy different hormones develop and increase to cause this to happen. 

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Breast Development Problems

Breast development can cause different problems during these life cycles, one of the most common breast development problems are the differences in breast sizes. One breast can be seen larger than the other usually, or if one is a different shape or slightly off position, is not perceived as normal but is extremely common, so don't be insecure about it!

 Breast enlargement problems

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List of Breast Development Problems

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Overdevelopment of the Breast

Macromastia, also known as Breast Hypertrophy is due to overdevelopment of the breasts, causing to have abnormally large breasts. If you are a woman with abnormally large breasts you have a very high chance of having this condition, if you haven't already we would recommend checking with a doctor. Beforehand though check if you have any of the symptoms as doctors time is extremely precious and costly. Also, be aware, a doctor may also refer to this as Gigantomastia.


  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Pain in the breasts

If you are experiencing pain in the breasts, it can be caused by skin beneath the breast building friction and sweat and could potentially create infection within the breast, which will only become worse and very painful. 

Recognised Types of Breast Hypertrophy

  • Gestational Hypertrophy
  • Juvenile Gigantomastia/Juvenile Macromastia

The above types both cause fast and painful breast growth which is the cause of abnormal development. Gestational Hypertrophy, this extremely rare condition is formed during pregnancy, whereas Juvenile Gigantomastia is a slightly more common condition affected in girls going through puberty. 

To conclude, most women follow through with breast reduction surgery to decrease their breast size. Surgeons then use other techniques to safely ensure that your breast growth is stable and can cause no more damage, pain or distress to your body.

Example of Breast Hypertrophy

example of breast hypertrophy

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Dramatic Increase in Oestrogen Levels

 Some women can sometimes experience a dramatic increase in Oestrogen levels. Although this may seem like a great thing, big breasts and bum! Great!, Wrong. High levels in Oestrogen causes for breast cancer cells to rapidly form large quantities causing breast cancer.

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

signs of breast cancer

This can obviously be very severe, so even though it is something you can not see make sure you keep an eye on your Oestrogen levels and occasionally visit a doctor to check them.

What Does Oestrogen Look Like?


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Micromastia - Underdevelopment of the Breast 

Now, this condition is the total opposite to the previous condition, this condition is called Hyperplasia. To know if you have this you will notice that your breasts have not developed yet, or if they have they are small and seem underdeveloped. This is simply because breast tissue has not matured during your growth cycle causing hardly any development. 

Underdevelopment can be caused by different reasons, but the main condition that results in most cases of breast underdevelopment is Poland's syndrome. If you have Poland's syndrome this just means that you have been born with no breast buds.

What are breast buds?

Breast buds are a small tissue that is placed right under the nipple, this is usually meant to grow during puberty and pregnancy to cause breast development. In this case without breast buds, the body can not grow breasts efficiently. 

Having this condition, you may notice other muscles or areas within your body where you are lacking growth. These can be classed as signs to look out for if you have underdeveloped breasts but are unsure whether you may have this condition or not. 

Our cream will not fully recover these buds or any cream for that matter. You need to have them surgically implanted into your body before adding any creams or oils to your breasts, otherwise, they will be simply wasted.

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Asymmetrical Breast Development

Asymmetrical Breast Development occurs during puberty, this usually happens after halfway through or towards the end of your life stage. Think of symmetry, if something is symmetrical it is perfectly mirrored against itself. In this instance, it is the total opposite. If you have this condition is simply means your breasts are not symmetric and are off-balanced from one another. This can be size, position or firmness. 

You can get this checked out by a local doctor, but if you are in the UK the NHS will not fix this for you. This is something you have to get treated for privately if you are wanting to get it operated. 

Example of Asymmetrical Breasts

example of Asymmetrical breast development

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Tuberous Breast Development

Tuberous breast development is also known as Tubular Hypoplastic, this condition causes for women's breasts to go tube-shaped rather than the round firmness we know due to not creating enough or any breast tissue to support growth. Having this condition does not create any physical problems, but may have extremely bad repercussions. Breastfeeding can be simply impossible possessing this condition, there is obviously worse repercussions but this can obviously heavily affect women as a lot of us would prefer to breastfeed.

Example of Tuberous breast development 

tuberous breast development

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Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples can be common in women, although biologically and physically you are fine, this can make women extremely self-conscience. This can happen when milk ducts inside of the breasts are very short and actually pull the nipples inside the breast permanently. Although it can happen later on in your life during pregnancy or even after breastfeeding, once your nipples are inverted there is no natural way to invert them back.

If you wish to correct this, you can conclude with surgery, but make sure your surgeon is established and certified as you would need to go private with this cosmetic treatment. But, no treatment can fix the fact that you won't be able to breastfeed after this, so if someone tries selling something to you saying you can, don't buy into it. 

Example of Inverted Nipple

example of an inverted nipple 

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Polythelia Breast Development

Polythelia, also known as a third nipple, or extra nipple is a rare development within the women body. This can be surgically removed, but be cautioned as it is rather expensive and dependant on who you go with, you could end up with bad side effects. 

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Polymastia Breast Development

Polymastia is an extremely rare breast development problem, Polymastia will give you an extra breast, yes another breast. But what is different to this breast compared to others, is simply that it will possess no nipple. You will have two nipples on your two breasts, then your extra breast will not have any.

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Ptosis Breast Development

Ptosis breast development is where a woman's breast goes, to what we refer to as "saggy". Saggy breasts are a common breast development for many older women, but there is also another version of this...

Abnormally Early Ptosis: This is where the saggy breasts will occur in younger women. This is an extremely rare breast development to have, as said earlier the majority of Ptosis comes from later life.

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Unusual Areola Breast Pigmentation

Unusual Areola is another extraordinary form of breast development. This is where you have absolutely no pigmentation around the nipple, causing the nipple to potentially look saggy also. This can be rather unhealthy for the body especially if you are wanting to breastfeed after birth. 

Example of Areola breast pigmentation

example of Areola breast pigmentation

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How to Fix Breast Development Problems

Many of these different breast development problems that we have listed do have answers to get them fixed, some you can use products but this will take large amounts of time and you may not be accurate with results.

If you want these sorted so they are 200% the best breasts you have ever seen, we would recommend going to a qualified private surgeon who can sort this out. Make sure you check the cosmetics reviews online EVERYWHERE. A lot of these cosmetic studios can be unqualified people ordering the tools online, then selling other people implants and surgery, so triple-check before doing anything surgical. 

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What NOT to do to Breast Development Problems

If you have breast development problems you have to be very careful with what you put in or on your body because it can react in a completely different way to what you may think the outcome will be. 

List of what NOT to do

Making sure you are not doing any of these will ensure your safety, go see a private surgeon and do it properly. 

man fixing deformed breast development

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