1. Puberty
  2. Breast Enlargement Cream
  3. Exercise
  4. Surgery
  5. Breast Enlargement Oil


To really get to the bottom of this question, you need to know what causes your breast to increase in size as you grow older. From the ages of 13 to around our 20’s we, as women, experience many changes within our body, some better than others! Breast and bum size is the ‘biggy’ in our society, with a big bum and breasts you can do anything!!! Am I right?

If you don’t want to read, just check out the video on increasing breast size.

women increasing breast size


So the answer to why our breasts grow when we reach these ages is due to puberty, now yes men experience this as well but theirs is different to how ours work as women. During the process of puberty, our body produces an element called Oestrogen, Oestrogen is key to the cycle, without this, we would not experience these growth bursts. 

Oestrogen, in this way, is an excellent element to women, but too much of it can badly affect you! If you are exposed to Oestrogen too much then that can cause breast cancer cells to grow, so ensuring that there is a balance is important. Most breast cancer cells are called Oestrogen receptor-positive, or ER-positive because the breast cancer cells have receptors for the hormone, Oestrogen. 

women after puberty


This is our favourite method, breast enlargement cream. It is one of the simplest and cost-effective solutions for breast enlargement that is out there at the minute. A lot of other companies are behind at the minute with science, but OBE has mastered the growth with enlargement cream. 

before and after

A lot of creams can produce a lot of Oestrogen with Pueraria Mirifica and other natural ingredients within women’s breasts, which in result can be extremely cancerous, but our cream works totally different. Our cream will increase Oestrogen ever so slightly just to get the hormones working, then increase the fatty cells within the breast. This collaborates with one another to produce larger, firmer and healthy breasts fast but simple.

The breast enlargement cream treatment is an easy process, we also have another article if you wish to ready about how to use breast enlargement cream to ensure you get the best results out of the treatment. The treatment can take anywhere from 10-12 weeks.


Exercise is a great way of building muscle tissue in and around the breast, if done with the right exercises you can effectively increase your breast size, or speed up the process with breast enlargement cream whilst using the exercises.

breast enlargement with exercise

The problem is with exercise you have to be in the mood, not 1 day on 6 days off, you will not produce any growth and simply waste your time in trying to increase your breast size this way. We actually have a blog with a list of our favourite 5 exercises that can help increase breast size, if you follow this and watch the videos you will effectively increase breast size. 

women exercising


This is a common method of increasing breast size, also known as breast augmentation, simply because it is completed nearly instantly. Surgeons cut into the bottom of your breasts inserting fat from another part of your body, normally your bum, and inject this into your breasts. Some other cosmeticians use other techniques to effectively do this, but there are some issues with this.

cosmetic breast surgery

Many women as they get older, they’re breasts, especially if this treatment has been done, they become as we know “Saggy”. This is not the end goal for us women, this is not where we want our amazing breasts to be in years to come, so constant maintenance will come with this causing as you already know, extra expense.


Breast enhancing oil is becoming a very popular hot product on the market at the minute, mainly because it is extremely new. Now breast enlargement oil does have many benefits, but also many negatives to it as well. The oil is made from similar components to what our cream is made from, but it can affect the body in a totally different way. 
With breast enlargement oils not being FDA approved and not a lot of time has been spent testing them, not many people know all of the side effects this product could potentially do to women.

breast enlargement oil

To successfully put the oil on, you simply drip it on to the tops of your breast, allow it to slightly run down and then rub in as you would cream. The oil can be bought online on different websites, but please check the ingredients before purchase!