Breast enlargement cream can work in many different ways, it just depends on what it is made out of, who you bought it from and where? In this article, we are going to be talking about OBE’s breast enhancement cream regarding how it works.


Breast enlargement starts when you hit the teenage years, from 13 onwards you go through puberty which does lots of wonderful things to your body as well though not the pleasantest of things also. But the things women appreciate the most about puberty is the increase in breast, bum and thigh enlargement. 

The reason why this happens during puberty is due to the fact that when you reach this stage in life, your body produces a lot of Oestrogen. Oestrogen is a hormone that helps the body grow these areas inside of the body to allow you to flourish to become what you are in your early 20’s. 

But! But, But, But! Be careful! Too much Oestrogen can be receptive and cause an increase in breast cancer cells as well. This is a must look for when buying supplements like this online and off the shelf, make sure that it doesn’t build up a lot of Oestrogen.


Does breast enlargement cream work? YES! OBE breast enlargement cream simulates different hormones within your body like Oestrogen but also fatty cells. What do I mean? 

So our natural ingredients & Pueraria Mirifica inside of the cream initially cause an increase in Oestrogen levels, this is only very slight, the treatment can not be done without doing this but it is not on a harming level. Then as you already know, the Oestrogen causes a slight increase in size.


Our breast enlargement cream contains different nutrients and vitamins that are healthy for the body that reacts well. Initially, the Oestrogen levels are slightly increased, but a short time after your fatty cells within your breast will start to increase causing them initially to become a lot firmer.

The fatty cells inside of your breast start to become more compact causing the Oestrogen to grow the size in the breast, this perfect balance of vitamins and nutrients allows a healthy permanent treatment. Your body takes this transition in your life as a natural transition, with you just “feeding” the correct areas the ingredients it needs to grow it will grow naturally. Whereas breast surgery, you actually have implants injected or operated into your body, causing instant pressure on your body which concludes with results not lasting as long as others.

We do recommend after surgery to use our cream for at least 4 weeks to ensure your results are a lot longer lasting if not permanent, but if you have not already gone for the surgery just get the cream, be safe and it will be over in 12 weeks. It will fly by…


There are many different ways to increase breast size, one of the favourites is exercise. Exercise is a really great way of increasing breast size at a slow rate, but with our cream, it will become a lot faster. We have a list of exercises for breast enlargement you should check out as well.

With the cream working in areas where working out wouldn’t, like building fatty acids and increasing Oestrogen levels, the exercise will build the muscle as well. You can also massage your breasts whilst doing this and it will add to the overall breast enhancement process that the cream is doing. All of this is a healthy way to increase breast naturally, organically and cheap with also holding the perfect natural, organic and priceless look to them.