Breast augmentation is surgery for the use of increasing breast size, either to make them firmer, shaped differently or to increase breast size. Breast augmentation is also referred to as “augmentation mammoplasty” by some cosmeticians. Breast enlargement is a great way to boost your confidence but can also have different side effects, it is worth knowing everything and having a full breast augmentation explanation before going through the breast surgery.


Learning what is breast augmentation online as a lot of other cosmetic information companies are using big fancy words to describe breast augmentation and the benefits when in reality it is a lot simpler than a lot of people realise. But I think the hardest part of breast augmentation that other websites don’t exactly tell you the difference between is breast implants. A few cosmetic websites out there refer to these things as the same, they aren’t and we will explain why. 

Testing Bigger Breasts

Breast augmentation involves surgeons performing breast surgery to place saline or silicone implants in or around your breast area. You see, breast implants are only part of the surgery, breast augmentation, so they are not exactly the same. Within the breast augmentation treatment/procedure, you may, dependant on what you have requested, get breast tissue from your current breasts in different positions to hold the implants in place within your breasts.


  • Instant breast enlargement results
  • Make breasts symmetrical 
  • You choose the exact look
  • Restoring breasts from pregnancy
  • Restoring breasts from breast-feeding
  • Increase breast size after weight loss
  • Doesn’t leave a life-lasting scar


  • Expensive
  • Many “fake” or “pretend” doctors claiming to be qualified to perform procedures
  • Can cause infections
  • May occur bleeding after
  • Painful after surgery
  • Breasts can look worse than before
  • Swelling around incision
  • Leave a line in breast temporarily


Trying to find the right surgeon can be difficult, due to the fact that many can not be trusted these days. There are different checks you can do online to see whether or not your surgeon is the real deal, or whether they are just trying to con you for your money.

The best check of all you can do to see if your doctor/surgeon is genuine, this is to see if they are board-certified. If they are genuine surgeons that are working on your breasts you should be able to type them into the board-certified checker.


Step 1: Go to Certification Matters Certificate Checker

Certification Matters Certificate Checker

Step 2: Enter Your Doctors Name

Enter Doctors Name On Website

Step 3: Enter Your State

Enter Your State On The Website

Step 4: Enter Your Doctors Speciality, ie Surgeon

Find Your Doctors Speciality

Step 5: Click “Find My Doctor” To Find Your Surgeon

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Make sure that before your breast augmentation procedure that you speak to a friend or family member about it all, not as such for there opinion, but more too see if they can be free for when you get an appointment. You see, you will not be able to drive after the breast surgery, the breast implant and medicine will make you feel very drowsy and in pain. 

We recommend that you speak to your local GP regarding any potential allergies or anything they may think of that could clash with the surgery. Sometimes your local GP may ask your surgeon to use a different type of paracetamol or other items during the surgery to prevent any reacts etc…

Also, the last thing we recommend that you do is to have a think on whether or not you wish to breastfeed. When you have breast implants you are at risk of not being able to breastfeed your child by roughly 3x. The milk, if able to be produced, is still extremely healthy for your baby, it just stops you sometimes from actually producing the milk dependant on how your surgeon has done the treatment. 


There are multiple options available when going through breast augmentation surgery:

Breast Augmentation Method 1: Breast surgery can be performed within the armpit. This treatment is quite a quick method, it can involve leaving a scar around a less visible place rather than on the breast. This method of breast augmentation surgery is called Transaxillary incision, this would be the professional name for the surgery used by the doctor.

Breast Augmentation Method 2: Underneath your breast lays a crease where surgeons can easily access the breast to insert breast implants. The Doctor will usually move the tissue to fit the breast implants to securely fit it. This is called an inframammary incision when using this type of procedure.

Breast Augmentation Method 3: The last method is the Periareolar incision, this method of breast augmentation involves working around the nipple using different insertions of cosmetic implants in and around the breast tissue.

Breast Augmentation Surgeon


The first steps you will occur when receiving treatment is when you are discussing which types of implants you are wanting within the breasts as well as the size. When testing the size of the implants a Doctor will usually get you to put them inside of your bra until you are comfortable with the lift. 


Saline Implants: These implants are usually filled with saltwater, the amount of saltwater can be totally different within the implant. Changing the amount of saltwater will alter the size of the implant, the shape as well as the firmness. The saltwater solution is supported with an elastomer silicone shell around it, keeping it from changing but also not having it heavy so you wouldn’t feel it. 

Silicone Gel-Filled Implants: This solution is very similar to the saline implant apart from instead of using saltwater this solution is using up a type of gel inside of the silicone shell. The issue with using this solution is that it can be common that they leak, leaks can be quite bad as they are inside of the human body. 

Alternative Composite Implants: These composite implants are different from using silicone implants, it is more of a solid filler inside of the breast. The implant may be made with soy oil or even polypropylene string to create the firmness of the implant. These obviously take longer when inserting into the breast as they need to create the implant after you have decided how you want it to look and feel. 


After you have chosen your implant type, the next steps are to choose an incision type, this can be with either method 1, method 2 or method 3 above. If you are happy with the type of incision you will have on the breast then the doctor may proceed.

Woman Trying Breast Implants


You can have the implant in one of two different places, either over the pectoral muscle or underneath the pectoral muscle, these two different ways are called:

Submammary, or sub-glandular placement – This is the type of operation aimed to get the implant behind the pectoral muscle.

Submuscular placement – The submuscular placement is the opposite of the submammary placement, this is where it is placed over the pectoral muscle but behind the breast tissue. 

Some patients have been put to sleep whilst having breast augmentation or breast surgery, but other patients have also stayed awake through the whole treatment. This option is totally your own choice, don’t feel pressured to do either one and staying awake isn’t even that bad!


Once you have had the implant inserted into the breasts, it is then time for the Doctor to close the incision on the breast. This can be a tricky bit of the procedure as if not done properly can be very painful to the patient during and after the breast augmentation.


The surgeon will more than likely use stitches to fix up the breast incision. If they do not use this method of closing the incision they may use layered sutures or surgical tape. Immediately after the breast surgery or breast augmentation, you will see slight scars or lines from the incision but over time these usually disappear. If you want them removed because they have scarred then you can do this also.

If you have chosen to take the submuscular placement then you will probably realise that you are going through pain in the breast. Surgeons/Doctors will give you paracetamol or pain killers to relieve you from the pain. 


Constantly clean your breasts daily with just water, don’t be getting soap inside. This may be hard when washing body parts like your face or hair in the shower, but this is maybe something you do separately. Keeping them clean stops infections from being caused in or around the breast after the breast surgery. 

On average a quarter, 25% of women after the transplant do get them removed, this is either due to just not wanting them any more or the fact that one of them or both may have burst. This can obviously make one breast look extremely small compared to the other one, or if they both burst you are stuck with silicone gel inside of the breast leaking everywhere. You will need a separate surgery to get this removed, this will cost the same amount or similar as it did to get them in the first place, so make sure you are happy with them before you purchase. 

Some women have lost feeling in there nipples after the breast operation, this can because the surgeon has accidentally cut into the nerves within the nipple area. Having this area damaged will obviously remove any sexual sensations you may have felt there previously. 


The difference between breast implants and breast augmentation is that breast implants are the gel bubbles that are inserted into the breast. Sometimes they are not just silicone, as mentioned earlier they can also be made of composite components like soy oil. 

Breast Implants

On the other hand, breast augmentation is the breast surgery itself to insert the breast implants or just moving and adjusting the breast tissue to increase breast size surgically. 


Breast lifts are slightly different from breast augmentation, this is where you are specifically getting them just lifted. Your breasts can easily be lifted with moving your breast tissue in different ways within your breasts. Breast augmentation involves actually cutting open your breast whereas you can have a breast lift with simply just an injection or a push-up bra. 

Breast lifts can be done naturally or surgically, it is totally your choice which method you prefer. 


Obviously these other methods above are a lot more cost-effective as well rather than surgery. Surgery can cost thousands and sometimes needs to be completed more than once, that is why breast augmentation isn’t always the best solution to breast enlargement.


This is a common question that we noticed gets answered incorrectly, or differently online. What is meant by that is different blogs online give different answers, this can be estimates of some sort or solutions etc… The answer is no, breast augmentation doesn’t cause cancer, so this is nothing that should cross your mind when going through the treatment. 

Silicone if it bursts inside of the breast can be dangerous, this could potentially cause an increased risk of developing anaplastic large cell lymphoma (Reported by FDA)