Does Sleeping With No Bra Increase Breast Size?

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Sleeping Without A Bra

What is the science around sleeping without a bra and what are the effects that doing such a thing can do to you? There are so many different rumours and sleeping to increasing breast size with no cost, but is this really one of them? Let's get digging into the questions around the topic to give you the information you need around sleeping with no bra at home. 

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Does Sleeping Without A Bra Increase Breast Size?

The big question of all, does sleeping with no bra increase breast size? Well, the answer is no. I am sorry ladies, this is not a cheat sheet to increase your breast size for free. To be honest, to increase breast size you either have to be extremely dedicated for exercising to increase breast size or a spare few thousand sat in the bank for breast augmentation with implants.

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Does Sleeping Without A Bra Cause Sagginess?

This is an unfair question, sagginess within the breasts are normally more of a natural biological occurrence rather than something you have caused yourself. It is extremely rare that is can happen, but there has been cases online showing where sleeping without a bra can cause saggy breasts, but as always, not enough scientific evidence to be able to prove such a thing. 

A lot of women can do something for a while and because something has happened they can blame the thing they were doing rather than accepting it is a natural occurrence. With this in mind, we have to be careful what it is we are reading online and where we are reading it from, if we ignore the very claimants with very little evidence the answer would be no, sleeping without a bra can't cause saggy breasts. 

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Should I Sleep Without A Bra?

Sleeping without a bra is perfectly fine, it won't do anything wrong to you at all. At the end of the day, sleeping is all about getting as comfy as you possibly can, that's what Primark Pyjamas are for aswell!

Sleeping Without A Bra

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How To Sleep Without A Bra?

If you are wanting something a lot more comfortable then normal when sleeping with no bra at home then try out these two examples of sleeping with no bra. If you have any suggestions on braless sleeping positions in bed then please feel free to message into our team what you recommend so we can show other visitors to this article. 

Sleeping Position 1

The first one is quite simple, it is a case of sleeping on your back. If you can rest your head nearly flat, preferably just one cushion if you usually use more, then this will give you a straighter positioning when in bed, it will probably do your back some good as well. 

Sleeping Position 2

This other sleeping position is one where you may need a little extra support to hold your balance. Being lay on your side with your legs and knees up to your chest as well as a pillow to balance your breasts on is an extremely comfortable way of sleeping with no bra. A lot of people do prefer to sleep sideways rather than straight on the back, but if you enjoy both you can leave the pillow there and turn from one position to another. 

Maybe even look towards having a pillow on either side of you so incase of you rolling over in the night, this way you get that little extra balance on your breasts if you roll over in your sleep.  

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