About me & The Business

My name is Martyna Wolak, recent Managing Director of OBE.

Originally I was a customer of OBE. I had used many different creams in the market and just couldn't find anything that worked. When I came across OBE and had results after my first treatment I knew this was a genuine amazing product.

I then seen that the company who owned the business were wanting to sell as they didn't have the time to grow the business any further. This was my opportunity to show the world an amazing product and share with other women the same self-confidence I was blessed with using the cream.

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Radiant Energy

We have the best serum ever

long-term results

Our results are more long-term then any other solution on the market. We have customers who have used the cream in the early stages of the business who still have the same growth from originally using the cream.

Our cream is not something that you need to keep topping up with either. You would only keep topping up usage if you continued to want larger breasts.

fast dry & non-stick

The OBE solution is the only solutions that provides a fast drying and non-sticky solution. So after you have applied the cream you can put your bra back on and enjoy your day as normal.

After experiencing many other creams on the market this was something that was crucial with our formula for all women out there.

Other women, same results

Many other women across the world have been experiencing great results with OBE cream. Myself and the team have reached out to many old customers and requested any photo testimonials to show you there results.

Fortunately for us, a few extremely kind customers got back to us and were delighted to show off there results. Some of which said they wouldn't of taken this kind of photo before using the cream.


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Cosmetics brings a whiff of freshness in your appearance and grooming. Remember to check the veracity of the claims of different companies before you make your decision!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We believe beauty goes deeper than a mere makeup. Our products help you dress up better enhancing your intrinsic worth.

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